Cycling wardrobe woes

Okay, maybe not this extreme. Not living in the tundra.

This whole cycling thing is sitting pretty well with me. The bike and the riding is awesome. But we all know there’s more to biking than just the bike. There are the clothes. I was pretty intimidated by this whole Lycra thing, but I gotta say that I’m digging it. It makes me feel like a real cyclist. Starting in the colder months was a good idea, too! Having to layer up helps hide the extra…layers…on the body. However. One thing I am not digging is how it takes to get ready for a ride. Between the cycling specific clothes, the colder weather, and my female vanities, I’m lucky if I can get out of the house in 15 minutes. 20 25 is usually the norm, if I’m being honest.

First, I have change every single piece of clothing I’m wearing. Everything. Shirt, bra, socks, bottoms, underwear (or at least take off every piece of clothing, hehe), everything. I have to decide what shirt to sweat in and what type of sock to wear, then wrestle myself into a sports bra, shorts, and tights. Then I have to figure out what to do with my hair! I don’t want it sticking out all weird like from the back and sides of my helmet because I’m vain, but it’s too short to put into a ponytail. And I’m trying to minimize the damage the helmet and sweating does to my hair- I don’t like washing my hair every time I ride. So I’ve figured out this elaborate hair ritual to keep my hair up- it involves barrettes, bobby pins and ponytail holders. And while it looks mighty hot, it does take a chunk of time.

Once I’ve got the hair and the clothes figured out, I have to assemble the accessories necessary to leave the house. I have to find the gloves (and not lose them between finding them and leaving the house), put on the headband, fit the helmet, put on the shoes, make sure my lights are attached and charged, check my water bottle, get the phone, the keys, the headphones, the ID. Then, I have to get the bike out of the house- and I haven’t quite worked out how to maneuverer it around the house and out the door without running into anything or closing any doors on the the wheels. After awkwardly closing the door (checking one last time to make sure I have my keys), getting down the steps, starting my tracking app, and cuing the music, I’m finally on my way. Yeesh. It’s a good thing I like this biking gig so much or else it might be more trouble than it’s worth!

Training notables for the week:

  • Rode from my house in Maryland to my job in Virginia. I was doing a pretest on the potential commuting route. It’s about 12 miles and took me about an hour and 15 minutes. Considering my metro commute is an hour door to door, it’s viable alternative on the time front.
  • Went out TWICE on Sunday- once to Virginia, once with a friend who lives near me- it was too beautiful to say no!
  • Was able to ride 5 days for at least an hour!

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