The Baubles in their Ears

After reading a post by The Inner Ring, about the hairstyles of the peloton, I was inspired to finally put together my post on a disturbing trend I’ve noticed in the pro peloton: earrings. I’m not sure what inspires this look, but in days past and present, they are prevalent. It’s a trend not unnoticed, as an Inner Ring reader commented on the same thing. And I’m not talking about little studs here, it’s full on hoops, or nuthin’.

Now, many of them are European, so I think they can be given a little slack- they seem fond of holding onto past fashion trends. Or bringing them back at least.

Belgium’s Philippe Gilbert

Another Belgian, Frederic Willems


bonus hair!

And Francesco Chicchi is Italian to boot.

Robert Wagner, a German now of Leopard-Trek- only appropriate, as that team is chock full of Euro style goodness

These Europeans I can understand, if not forgive. But Tyler Farrar, as an American, I cannot understand or forgive.


I usually consider to Tyler Farrar to be a pretty hip dude, but I cannot approve of those earrings. However, it seems he’s adopted the Euro look. So maybe it isn’t so strange. (he’s also suffered some funky hair, as well. Glad he’s moved past that)


Then there’s Jan. Ullrich that is. But we’ll also cut him a little slack, as he’s old school.

(love the kit, though)

I’m sure there are other offenders I’ve missed. But I seriously want to know: why are cyclists drawn to hoop earrings? Isn’t all that Lycra and those shaved legs enough to drive people away? I think the UCI should worry about censoring bad hair and hoop earrings sooner than they should worry about race radios if they want to bring more people to the sport.


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