#30DaysofBiking: Day 3|Blue and Brown












Day 3: Took a ride to Silver Spring, went to a movie (Source Code, if you’re wondering), rode home. I like to go to Silver Spring because they have a couple of nice movie theaters, a bookstore, lots of places to eat, SHOES, etc. And I enjoy riding there because the trail is gorgeous, even if it is uphill the whole way. The trail itself has just a slight uphill grade, but it’s once you get off the trail to go back into town when the road really turns up. Long, steep uphill, slight break at a stop sign and busy road, then a slightly shorter, no less steep kick in the butt. Surprisingly, the trail wasn’t very busy, even though it was a Sunday afternoon, with half-decent weather. Riding on the Sligo Creek Trail makes me anxious for green again. It’s very nicely wooded, but everything is brown and dead. I’m ready for leafy green trees, thick grass, and colorful flowers. If only spring didn’t have to come with hot weather…


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