#30DaysofBiking: Day 4|Shorts

30 Days of Biking Day 4

For one brief day, we in the DC area got a taste of summer. According to my phone, it got up to about 90 during the course of the day. This meant one thing: shorts. I have admit, I felt a little naked in just shorts and a t-shirt. The entirety of my cycling existence so far has been in the colder winter months- I’ve become comfortable with my tights, hat, gloves, jacket. To take all that off and ride without leaves me feeling exposed. I feel as though I had to peel away a comfort level I’d become accustomed to while I ride and I have to find it again. I know that’s a lot to read into a pair of shorts, but there it is.

In other news, I don’t like the heat. Some people function best in the cold, others heat. I’m most decidedly a cold girl. This isn’t to say that I love it when it’s negative 10, my boogers are freezing and I can’t feel my legs. It just means that when it is 10 below, I just put on another layer of clothes and get on with business. When I see that it’s 90 and humid, though, I’ll bitch and moan and try to avoid going outside at all cost. Suffice to say I’m dreading summer.

I rode to Lake Artemesia today. It’s part of my regular route- the Northwest Branch Trail to the lake, a lap around the lake and home. Although as it gets nicer, I might have find something new, as I spent more time yelling “on your left!” than I did actively riding.


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