#30DaysofBiking: Day 18 | Easter Dinner

#30daysofbiking day 18
Shannon's Easter feast

Before we begin, I must say that although the official #30DaysofBiking might be over, my #30DaysofBiking is not. For me, #30DaysofBiking became not about getting on my bike every day, even though it started out like that. It became about finding ways to share my adventures on the bike. I don’t have a huge social life to begin with and my cycling obsession really cuts into what social activities I do do.  That, combined with the fact that the way my life works makes it really hard to just “pop” back home to get in a quick ride, lead me to very quickly abandon the idea of riding 30 days in a row. Had I done that, I probably would not have seen any of my friends for 30 days. So my 30 days of biking are not over yet.

So without further ado, my day 18 ride!  Today’s ride was thoroughly miserable. And this time it wasn’t the bike’s fault! I had to go to the grocery store to pick up some things for Shannon’s Easter meal, of course left too late, and in my rush to leave, did not realize a) it was WAY hot out or b) I had left my lock on the table. So a 5 minute ride turned into a 15 minute ride as I had to turn back to get my lock. By the time I got home, I was so hot I thought my face might explode. I almost didn’t go to Shannon’s house, but hate reneging on my friends, so I went. And I’m glad I did, because dinner was amazing.


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