To Be Myself Again

While I’m an emotional person, I don’t often become emotional over the death of public figure. I didn’t shed a tear for Michael Jackson, Patrick Swazye, or even Heath Ledger, someone I had a huge teenage crush on. But for some reason I was intensely emotional over Wouter Waylandt’s death. While it felt strange, I was comforted by the fact that the cycling community shared my grief and emotions. As silly as Twitter can be sometimes, these past two days it has been a place for me to “be” with people who understood what I was going through and who I could be emotional with. Today’s neutralized stage was a great closing for me. Eurosport commentators David Harmon and Sean Kelly did it just right, and the shots of the Leopard-Trek team rolling through the finish with Tyler Farrar were extremely moving.

But, now I’m ready to look forward. I’m not one to dwell on things past, as they can’t be changed. I’ll take with me always how I felt these last few days, but life must go on. Tomorrow, I am myself again.


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