In the mind of a pro: Taylor Phinney’s blog

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside the peloton and inside the head of a pro cyclist, look no further than Taylor Phinney’s blog. He’s been doing a fabulous job blogging every day of his first Grand Tour, the Vuelta a Espana. Phinney has just started his first year as a pro (which makes him a neo pro!) and expectations are sky high to become the next big American cycling thing. Although he had a rough start to his year (sore knee, crashes, poor race results), he seems to finally be on the right track. He writes a lot about riding in the peloton, which seems exotic to recreational cyclists like myself. But he also writes about familiar things- pushing through pain, questioning his career choice, wanting to die, but then ultimately remembering that he loves the bike and everything it puts him through. Even as a recreational cyclist, these are things I can relate to. And it makes me happy to know that even the pros suffer like I do, even if it is at a much higher pace and for a longer time!

Click the picture to go through to his blog!

Click to visit his blog

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