New kit! 1t4i

For 2012, Skil Shimano has become 1t4i. I can’t say that I know what that stands for, but I’m a bit sad to see the Skil kit leave the peloton. For some reason, I became quite fond of it. Normally, I say “no” to white shorts- they’re often a bit too revealing and rain can make things *really interesting! But this kit makes the white work. The white set off nicely the blue and green and I think the red of the Skil logo really makes it stand out.

The new 1t4i kit, while being  a step down from the old Skil kit, is really not too bad. They kept the white and green of the old Skil kit, but I think the black a nice addition- certainly the black crotch panel helps reduce the risk of embarrassment! It’s a bit more bland that the Skil kit, but overall, I like the simplicity and the colors.

In theory, they’re supposed to announce a new sponsor in the spring. If that actually happens, the kit could change!

EDIT:  1t4i has also fallen victim to the horribly embarrassing team photo. It’s a disease we will never be able to eradicate, I’m afraid. (thanks @KimTMcCall, for reminding me of this!)

2012 Team Roster

  • Marcel Kittel
  • Roger Kluge
  • John Degenkolb (from HTC-Highroad)
  • Patrick Gretsch (from HTC-Highroad)
  • Dominic Klemme (from Leopard-Trek)
  • Tom Stamsnijder (from Leopard-Trek)
  • Thomas Bonnin
  • Roy Curvers
  • Thomas Damuseau
  • Bert De Backer
  • Koen De Kort
  • Yukihiro Doi
  • Johannes Frohlinger
  • Alexandre Geniez
  • Simon Geschke
  • Yann Hugeut
  • Thierry Hupond
  • Cheng Ji
  • Mathieu Sprick
  • Albert Timmer
  • Ronan Van Zandbeek
  • Tom Veelers
  • Tom Doumoulin
  • Tobias Ludvigsson
  • Ramon Sinkeldam

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