Is Cycling Doomed? A newcomer’s thoughts.

So. I know there are a million and one blogs out there which deal with cycling already. And while I’ll probably get lost in the shuffle, that isn’t going to stop me from loudly proclaiming my thoughts to the blogosphere.

Very briefly: why I’m writing about cycling..

  • As someone who’s new to the sport of road race cycling, I hope I can bring a new perspective.
  • But mainly I have no one to really discuss cycling with where I am. While I have friends who do cycle, no one follows road racing like I do. And I need some release for my opinions/thoughts!

Why competitive cycling when I don’t even own a bike? (at least not yet) Tour de France, 2010 edition! It was on TV, I had nothing else to watch. Then I realized Andy Schleck was from Luxembourg, which is where my mom’s family is from. And then to my surprise, I realized that competitive cycling didn’t begin and end with the Tour de France. As I wasn’t ready to go cold turkey on cycling, my addiction grew as the season wore on. And here I am.

So onto the opining.

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