Hip Magazines for a Hip Sport

So two cycling magazines recently published their inaugural issue, paved (@pavedmag) and peloton (@pelotonmagazine). I’d heard of their existence over Twitter and when I was in a Barnes and Noble recently, I decided to check them out. Then decided to review them.

Hip is key

While they both fall squarely into the “hip” category of cycling magazines (as evidenced by the small “p” used), I found them both accessible, even as someone who is decidedly not hip. Or interested in being hip. Both are dedicated to those who love the sport and the beauty within. Both have a good mix of bike technology/gear, stories and, most importantly, lots of fabulous photography. I love photography in general and the locations of races naturally lend themselves to producing landscape porn. (Side note: I was disappointed in the bad weather this year at the Giro di Lombardia, as I heard so much about the amazing scenery. But the weather did make for a killer race!) And because of the focus on photography, the magazines feel a little like fashion magazines, with their fashion spreads, but instead of models posing in the latest trends, it’s road bikers modeling the best Mother Nature has to offer. Which is totally fine by me.

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