Watch the Tour of Qatar!

While most of the American public will be focused on that most holy of American sporting events, the Super Bowl, we in the cycling community will have eyes only for the Tour of Qatar!

For a great history and detail preview of this year’s race, check out US Pro Cycling News.

If I calculate it correctly, there is an 8 hour time difference between the US (Eastern time) and Qatar (for some reason, I’m crap with figuring out time differences, so if I’m wrong, let me know). All the stages (except the prologue) start at around 12:30 local time (4:30am Eastern), but live coverage will start around 7am Eastern.

Live Streaming

Versus will be stream all of the stages (yay!), starting at 6:50am Eastern. I’m pretty sure this stream is geo-restricted, meaning it can only be watched in the US.

British Eurosport will have an hour of live coverage each day starting at 8am 7am Eastern (here, scroll down, and here). Although Eurosport is notorious for running behind schedule…

Twitter live updates

ProCycling Live

#toq Twitter group

Live blog

CyclingNews may or may not be live blogging. I think they probably will, but only tomorrow will tell.

More Info

I think I’ve covered all the live streams options, but check out CyclingFans,, and ProCycling Live for the latest news and streams- they’ll be all over it.