Cyclocross and You: The Box Set

Last year I wrote a series of “Cyclocross and You” posts, aimed at people interested in getting into the sport but not sure where to start.

For ease of access, I wanted to collate all those articles in one place. So, for your reading pleasure, here all the articles I wrote about getting into ‘cross!

Cyclocross and You: The Bike

In which I sum up the different kinds of bikes which can be used to race cross and offer suggestions on how to find the right bike for you.

Cyclocross and You: The Skillz

In which I review the different ‘cross specific skills most used in races and offer suggestions on how, where, and what to practice.

Cyclocross and  You: Signing Up

In which I explain how to sign up for a race, to finding races, to figuring out your category, and if you need a license.

Cyclocross and You: Race Day

In which I present curated lists of things to pack the night before and walk you through what to do when you arrive at the course.

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